“Scribblers” prompt – Week 1


I guess you’re here expecting a story. I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. You see, I had a great idea for a story, or at least an opener to a story that I’d hoped would intrigue my readers and leave them asking for more. This story would have started out with an entry from a brochure to the “most amazing place in all of Time and Space”, Doctor Trulock’s Historic Omnihistorical Funland. The brochure describes it as an amusement park of sorts where all of history (past, present and future) exists simultaneously with various time-themed sections in the park, such as the Jurassic Fairgrounds featuring the Tyrannosaurus Ferris Wheel (the world’s tallest). It also includes some witty jokes (“Start your day off with a bang at the Birth of the Universe Cafe! Find out which came first, the chicken or the egg, and then let us know whether you prefer scrambled or fried, ham or bacon.”), and a few references to some of my favorite sci-fi adventures like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (…and don’t forget to book your reservations at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe…).

After the brochure entry, there would be a paragraph similar to the following:

That’s what the brochure read. But Aaron and Nancy had their doubts when they arrived at the rust-covered front gates. An aged, toothless T-Rex grinned down at them from the left of a tall set of double doors made of what looked to be a mixture of wooden and iron parts. On the right stood a metal man with weeds sprouting from his ears. A cool wind whispered through the trees as the first autumn leaves began to drift towards the ground, and Aaron grabbed his sister’s hand. Together they pushed open the doors and stepped through into the world of Doctor Trulock’s omnihistory.

That’s how the story would have started. And it may still be written – some day. But alas, this time around procrastination and a lack of focus and motivation got the better of me. This is something that happens more often than I’d like to admit and is really the reason I’m here in this writing group. This is what I need to work on with my writing right now: the actual writing part. I am looking for constructive criticism and all on my writing and ideas, but what I’m really hoping for is something that will get me going. Finally having this post written (even though it’s a couple of days late and is by no means a poem, essay, or story) feels pretty good and I’m looking forward to continuing and interacting in the group.